Microsoft Teams: Direct reply on a chat message

MS Teams direct reply on a chat message
MS Teams direct reply on a chat message

One of the updates in Microsoft Teams that I was really impatient to be delivered: being able to reply on a specific chat message!

Now, when you are using your desktop app, you can easily choose from the three dots (next to the chat message you would like to quote) the reply option:

When you choose reply option, this message now will be copies and inserted into the new line, allowing you to add a comment on it:

This option is now available in the Microsoft Teams desktop app in the chat section, and in the Microsoft Teams web app is coming out in the near future.

If you would like to reply on a message in a team channel conversation, you still need to:

Manually copy the message you would like to quote

Start a new message

Press Shift and the sign greater then >

Paste the message into the grey box

Double enter

Type the reply

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