Unlocking Excellence: Optimal Scenarios for Harnessing XAML for Blazor’s Power

Optimal Scenarios for Harnessing XAML for Blazor’s Power

Following the release of XAML for Blazor on July 10, 2023, a segment of the community found themselves uncertain about the optimal use cases for “XAML for Blazor“. Specifically, individuals who were already well-versed in Razor and possessed proficiency in HTML and CSS expressed reservations regarding the rationale behind learning and using XAML within the Blazor framework. This short article makes a spotlight to the optimal scenarios for harnessing XAML for Blazor’s power.

The suitable scenario for using “XAML for Blazor”

I can identify a multitude of valuable scenarios where XAML for Blazor seamlessly finds its place.

One of the standout benefits of integrating XAML for Blazor in a Blazor WebAssembly App lies in the opportunity to harness your existing knowledge of XAML. Consider this: if you’ve honed your expertise in crafting desktop or Silverlight applications that intricately employ XAML for UI definition, transitioning to Blazor for creating cutting-edge WebAssembly-based applications becomes a strategic move, enabling you to adeptly employ your XAML prowess. What’s more, segments of code from legacy applications enriched with XAML can be ingeniously repurposed within Blazor WebAssembly apps, amplifying the efficiency of your development endeavors.

Granted, the realm of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript has bestowed upon us a myriad of top-notch UI controls. However, the inclusion of “XAML for Blazor”, especially via the OpenSilver, opens up access to intricate UI components such as DataGrid and DataForms.

Nevertheless, if you’re already rooted in the realm of web development, boasting a firm grasp of HTML, CSS, and the Razor dialect, the traditional Blazor approach with Razor pages maintains its worth. The usage of “XAML for Blazor” doesn’t seek to supplant the combination of Razor, HTML, and CSS, but rather stands as an alternate avenue. It’s a route designed to enable you to capitalize on your XAML expertise, effectively repurpose legacy application code, and seamlessly embrace modern WebAssembly-based development.

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